Hi, I'm Kaspar

I'm a visual designer with extensive background in marketing and the creative industry. I've studied design at CalArts, Parsons, SuperHi, and Estonian Academy of Arts. I specialise in designing for fintechs. Adobe Suite and Figma are my playgrounds. I love challenging the brief and breaking norms for creative impact! 🎨✨

Kaspar has shown multiple sets of skills; graphic design, motion graphics, and web design. He understands the design principles and applied them to each of his works; his interest is not only to make things look good but also to solve the problem that is required.

David Castillo
Art director

Kaspar knows where to keep his focus and has a drive on learning and growing. Creative, out spoken and opinionated, Kaspar is not afraid of sharing ideas and feedback, working well as a team member and helping others to accomplish their missions as well.

Cesar Zeppini
Head of design

Kaspar always provides encouraging and positive contributions to our team meetings and his poise has been integral to the success of the company. Kaspar is the perfect choice for any organization looking for a passionate leader with a genuinely innovative drive.

David Frazer
Security engineer

Kaspar has an excellent marketing talent - he has a clear vision of what and how to do, and then he makes a perfect use of all the available channels to achieve the goal. With the help of Kaspar we got an enormous amount of attention in television, radio shows, and also in a variety of magazines and newspapers.

Hendrik Mölder
Product engineer

Kaspar is extremely proactive, versatile and always sought feedback on what he could do to improve. His knowledge and understanding in areas beyond design, particularly with regards to business aspects, make him all the more an asset to any company.

Jonn Galea
Product designer

Kaspar is an absolutely fantastic team-mate. He always delivers on time, and to an excellent level of quality, and he works brilliantly to briefs, no matter how outlandish. He's also a constant source of positivity in a team, keeping spirits up and never bringing down the mood.

Patrick Johnson
Conversion copywriter