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Lightyear fintech Hungary launch


OOH, animation, advertisement design





01. Challenge

Launching a new investment product in Hungary requires careful planning, regulatory compliance, market research, and strategic positioning.

02. Process

We conducted market research to understand the local landscape and consumer preferences. The communications team came up with a compelling message, we then selected suitable advertising mediums, and crafted creative visuals and copy that resonated with the target audience. We showed the ads to locals before launching the campaign and adapted accordingly. We decided to go with a few different close-up visuals of a mobile phone with copy in Hungarian and local currency visible on the screen. My idea was to create distinct creatives while ensuring they maintained a cohesive look and worked harmoniously together.

03. Solution

The primary selling points centered on the platform's diverse range of instruments, multi-currency investing options, and an interest product perfectly suited to match Hungary's inflation rate. With a well-planned approach, I came up with concepts and designed an advertisement campaign that involved placing 20 billboards strategically across Budapest. This ensured a commanding and attention-grabbing presence that left heads turning.

But that's not all! To further bolster our country launch, I crafted a series of compelling static and animated advertisements for Facebook and Google. These captivating visuals aimed to reinforce Lightyear's message and reach a wider audience, leaving a lasting impression on potential investors. Find animation here:

04. Result

The campaign launch was a resounding success, driven by the strong product-market fit and the wide-reaching advertisement campaign across different mediums. The addition of compelling PR pieces further fueled the momentum. Notably, the Hungary launch surpassed all expectations, becoming the most successful country launch in the company's history.

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