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SensusQ military dashboard


UX/UI design





01. Challenge

Designing a software product for the battlefield is incredibly complex due to the limited attention span and influx of data from multiple sources. In such scenarios, soldiers rely on leaders to make swift, informed decisions. They require an intuitive dashboard that provides real-time updates on the situation. My challenge was to ensure the dashboard stayed current with the latest intel, enabling users to make decisions based on the most recent data. My role involved showcasing user interaction and proposing ideas to optimize data analysis on the dashboard.

02. Process

Define the dashboard's objectives and essential functionalities. Brainstorm layout, features, and user interactions to optimise usability and effectiveness.

03. Solution
  • Treat each entry like an email: It's either read or unread, aiding in identifying new versus familiar items, with unread count displayed
  • Implement a quick selection star for bookmarking/highlighting specific entries
  • Introduce tags for manual categorisation, enabling filtering by specific tag
  • Enable direct deletion of entries from the Operation log
  • Highlight map pins for entries with location data
  • Provide alternative views for the list
    - Display entries with location and attachments (images, files) for quick access, akin to Gmail
    - Show larger image previews within the list, inspired by Reddit

    Mockup screen recording here:
04. Next Steps

Since there's no recorded usage data of soldiers due to the software's offline nature, testing this solution in real-life scenarios within the actual environment is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding. Assigning simple tasks to users and observing their thought process as they complete them will provide valuable insights for advancing the project.

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