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Nublu artist brand and merchandise


Brand and merchandise design





01. Challenge

Nublu, a talented artist, reached out to me right after his exhilarating first live performance. He had a clear vision in mind: to establish a brand that deeply connects with the audience while exuding a sense of novelty and excitement.

02. Process

I researched the artist's background, music style, and brand identity. I brainstormed and sketched rough logo ideas, focusing on illustrating an American Staffordshire Terrier for the logo, as that seemed to resonate with the artist the most. I experimented with different color palettes to evoke the right emotions. I sought feedback, refined the designs based on it, and that's how I reached the final solution.

03. Solution

The logo, a charming dog face, exudes a range of characters and emotions that adapt to different occasions and moods. This versatile branding element becomes the heart of the artist's identity, captivating audiences across various mediums, from album covers to merchandise designs and music videos. Its dynamic presence infuses each creation with a distinct personality, reinforcing a strong and memorable connection with fans and leaving a lasting impression wherever it appears.

04. Result

Nublu has risen to become one of the most celebrated and renowned artists in the country, captivating audiences with his unique talent and captivating performances. Headlining numerous festivals and frequently collaborating with top-tier artists, his artistic journey has reached remarkable heights. The brand we crafted for Nublu remains ever-relevant and authentic to his character, seamlessly aligning with his evolving artistic identity. This enduring recognition is a testament to the enduring impact of our collaboration, creating a brand that resonates with both Nublu and his devoted fanbase, today and for years to come.

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