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Tuleva fintech pension app


UX/UI design





01. Challenge

Introducing the third pillar to existing Tuleva users demands strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and effective communication. Secondary challenge was to get people to become members of Tuleva union.

02. Process

I analysed user insights, developed a compelling message, and chose appropriate channels. Testing with users refined my strategy. Visuals showcased the integration of second and third pillars, highlighting benefits.

03. Solution

Emphasising flexibility and growth, I designed a product mockup targeting existing users. My goal: educate and empower users to explore the benefits of the third pillar.

04. Next steps

Many solutions are yet to be explored. Before user exposure, accessible views should be designed, starting with transferring pension to the second pillar. Testing the Figma prototype on a real phone would give best results. After gathering initial user feedback, adjustments could be made and new designs launched as an A/B test based on user research to assess understanding and conversion.

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