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Veriff fintech animated advertisement


Advertisement design and animation





01. Challenge

How can we effectively convey to potential clients that their in-house verification processes are significantly time-consuming, impacting operational efficiency, and resulting in avoidable financial losses?

02. Process

Collaborating with a copywriter, we generated concepts depicting waiting, overload, and the challenge of managing an influx of customers. The idea that resonated most with us was how people recycle bottles, which inspired the concept of the treadmill animation

03. Solution

Our proposal includes a treadmill animation depicting the time-consuming nature of in-house verifications. It visually demonstrates a queue forming behind a closed door, signifying potential customer attrition due to delays and lost revenue. Additionally, the animation emphasizes the efficiency of Veriff's automated verifications and highlighting time-saving benefits.

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04. Result

The ad campaign proved highly successful, efficiently converting customers and generating an increased number of leads at reduced costs.

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